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How Much Do Donor Eggs Cost?

When you are considering growing your family through third-party reproduction, "How much do donor eggs cost?" is an inevitable question. From the cost of the eggs to IVF medicines and procedures and, in some cases, donor screening and testing, there are a lot of variables when it comes to family planning through egg donation.

When budgeting for egg donation we remind our recipient parents to consider time—such as time off from work for travel and appointments—medical costs, travel, and emotional impact, in addition to the costs of the egg donation process. 

Fresh vs. Frozen Egg Donation Costs

How much are donor eggs? The truth is there’s no single answer. The cost of donor eggs depends on whether you choose to use fresh or frozen eggs, and each donation type comes with its own range of costs, timeline, and egg quantity. 

With a frozen egg donation, an approved donor will undergo an egg retrieval and have her eggs cryogenically frozen in smaller numbers, or cohorts. Once you go through the Mutual Matching™ process and find your ideal donor, the frozen eggs are thawed, fertilized, and developed into blastocysts for embryo transfer. 

In a fresh egg donation process,you will also go through the Mutual Matching™ process, but the eggs will not be retrieved until after you find your donor. Then the eggs will be retrieved, fertilized, and developed into undifferentiated embryo cells called blastocysts.

How Much Do Frozen Donor Eggs Cost?

At Everie, the cost for frozen eggs starts at $19,500. This is the price for 6 or 8 eggs (one “lot”) and includes our guarantee that each set of 6 eggs will yield at least 1 viable blastocyst (undifferentiated embryo cells) for transfer. 

Our Everie guarantee ensures that you will get at least 1 viable blastocyst at no extra cost. If the first 6 to 8 of your chosen frozen eggs do not produce a viable embryo, then you will receive an additional lot of frozen eggs at no extra cost to you. You will also have the choice to preserve any remaining eggs for future use if you plan to have more children. 


In addition to the cost of the eggs themselves, you will also be responsible for the cost of IVF expenses for thawing, fertilizing, and transferring the embryo.

For a detailed breakdown of the starting frozen egg donor cost, review our frozen donor egg pricing chart.

What Does a Fresh Egg Donor Cost?

If you are interested in a fresh egg donation, the starting cost is $23,000. This includes our agency fee, legal agreements, and initial donor screening.

This type of egg donation comes with additional costs. Because the fresh eggs will be retrieved after you go through the Mutual Matching™ process, you will cover the donor's travel and medical expenses related to the egg retrieval process. You will also be responsible for your chosen IVF clinic’s costs for medical screening and consultation, the retrieval, embryo creation, and transferring. 

While the cost of a fresh egg donation may be more, you will receive all the eggs—typically between 10 and 20—retrieved during the egg donation cycle. This increases the number of eggs you have to fertilize to hopefully develop into embryos.

Just like the frozen egg donation, you will also have the choice to preserve any remaining embryos for future use if you decide you’d like to have more children.

For a detailed breakdown of starting costs for fresh eggs, review our payment schedule.  

Does Insurance Cover Donor Eggs?

Our top priority here at Everie is ensuring you feel heard, cared for, and encouraged. Part of that commitment is supporting you in finding an insurance agency that will help with some of the costs.

We encourage you to speak with your Human Resources department at work to discuss whether or not your specific plan covers the cost of donor eggs. Some insurances will cover types of IVF and fertility care, but speaking directly to HR will help you find out what is and is not covered. 

Progyny is one such fertility insurance company we highly recommend to recipient parents like yourself. They easily integrate into your existing medical benefits plan and offer flexible, equitable benefits for every stage of life. 

Financing Options

Everie offers financing options to help make growing a family more accessible for you. Please get in touch with our team at to discuss how we can help.

Choosing Egg Donation

If you are just starting to explore your egg donation options, our related blog post explains some of the first steps you'll take to find an egg donor. We are a full-service egg donation program and believe in giving you the option to choose your type of donation that best suits your individual circumstances and needs. Considerations for choosing a frozen egg donation vs a fresh egg donation include: timing, cost, and number of eggs available.

We understand the challenge of budgeting for family planning, but we are here for you every step of the way. You can reach out to our team at or fill out an egg donation interest form on our site to be connected with our team.