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Egg Donor Application

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Taking the First Step to Becoming an Egg Donor

With Everie, you are in the driver's seat. You not only get to choose what type of egg donation you want to make, but you choose the recipient parents as well. Whether you opt for the most open form of donation or the most private, you are guaranteed to be part of a warm, supportive community of professionals who value you, your thoughtfulness, your health, and your choice.
We are excited to meet you!

When you choose to be an egg donor, you are choosing to make a meaningful, everlasting impact on someone's life.

Egg donor requirements to meet:

  • Between 21 and 29 years old

  • US or Canadian citizen

  • Education beyond high school

  • BMI of 29 or below

  • Non-smoker

  • No drug use

  • Can provide 3 generations of medical history for blood relations

Thank you for considering becoming an egg donor.

Please fill out our application to be connected to our experienced team.
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