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Making Your Decision

We’ve given you things to consider before and during the matching process. At Everie, we want you to feel informed and equipped to make the best decisions by preparing you with all the necessary information. Ultimately, however, trust yourself. You will know when the right match comes along.

Considerations When Reviewing Potential Matches

Once you have identified your own set of values and considered the above, you can begin reviewing potential match profiles with more clarity and thought. As you read parent profiles, you can keep the below in mind to help get a full picture of who the parents are, and if you they might be a good match:
Be open to possibilities
You may have begun this process with a specific picture in mind of you would help. Our advice is to be open to who you could potentially help. You may have never thought you’d help an international couple, but upon reading a profile you find you identify with them.
Picture the people behind the profile
When you’re reading the profiles of potential recipient parents, take a step back and really envision the profiles on the screen as the real people whose lives you will be changing. Bring them to life beyond the words they have shared.
Empathize with the recipient parents
Each recipient parent has their own motivations for wanting to become parents. Keep in mind that this path to parenthood may not be their first choice and remain empathetic to their journey.
Remember: the parent has already chosen you
Who you help will always be your decision. When reviewing a parent profile, please remember that they have already selected you, because they have connected with you and your profile. Take the time to explore that connection.
Ask questions
You may have follow up questions for the parents after reading their profile. You always have the opportunity to ask our team for more information and we’d be happy to get the answers you're looking for.
Mutual matching puts the knowledge in your hands
With our Mutual Match™ process, you know exactly who your donation will help. You can even meet your recipient parents. You will never have to wonder who benefited from your contribution or if children were ever born from your donated eggs. With us, you have access to information that keeps you in the loop and always in control.
What type of family do you want to help?
You may have the opportunity to match with parent(s) who are: single, coupled, LGBTQIA+, straight, in the U.S. or international. Think not only about who you are comfortable helping, but who your support system would also be comfortable with.
What values are important to you?
Are your parents religious? Are you close with your family? Try and think about how your values would translate into a family you’re helping.
What is the current family dynamic?
Are you comfortable with helping a family who already has a child? Or would you strictly like to help a family looking to have their first child?
What level of potential connection would you like with your recipient parents?
Are you open to meeting them? Are you interested in continued communication? Would you like to hear from them and/or meet the child after they are born?

Pre-match Considerations

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You’ve already made the decision to forever change someone’s life by donating your eggs. Now, you get to have a say in who you help. We want you to always feel seen and heard throughout this journey. 
To ensure you are prepared and equipped to make the best possible decision, we’re sharing the below considerations for you before you review a match, as well as when you are reviewing parent profiles.