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At Everie, we’re a dynamic team of fertility and donation experts. We’re champions of transparent relationships for strengthening the future of families. We deeply believe that every donor-conceived individual should have the choice to know their origin.
President at Everie, Aisha, sitting in a chair and smiling

Aisha Lewis

President, Everie
Aisha’s career has spanned 23 years in Third-Party Reproduction, with a special emphasis on building programs that meet the needs of all stakeholders: recipients, gamete donors and the donor-conceived alike. She attended Colgate University and Albany Medical College, from which she earned her Bachelor's, Master's and Doctoral degrees in Biomedical Ethics. 
Aisha has extensive experience in launching and leading national donor programs and is passionate about changing the current landscape so that every donor, every recipient and every donor-conceived is supported and represented in transparent and meaningful ways. 
As President at Everie, Aisha led the charge in structuring the Everie donation program in unique ways that allow the donor true decision-making capacity, help the recipients lay a solid foundation to navigate their future.
The fertility space has not yet taken a firm stance for disclosed donations to be the norm. Families that conceive through anonymous donation may face difficult conversations in the long run. Our mission is to encourage opportunities for every donor-conceived child to know where they come from. 
At Everie, we guide parents to carefully consider the powerful implications and benefits of disclosed donations. We cultivate a community of donors who recognize the good that can come from sharing their identity and genetic information. And, by inviting parents to share their personal stories through our mutual matching program, we establish meaningful and transparent connections between donors and the families they are helping to grow. 

Everie is working towards a future where every child can choose to know their origin, develop a strong sense of identity, access genetic information and biological medical history, and be connected to all the people who helped create their family. A future made possible when donors and parents mutually decide to partner with one another. A future where building a strong foundation means getting to choose what’s best—for every child, for every family, for every future.

The Everie Difference

We believe that growing a family through egg donation is one of the most purposeful and rewarding experiences someone can contribute to. Everything we do supports thoughtful decision-making around Mutual Matching™ and disclosed donations, which gives donors and recipient parents the chance to have an open line of communication or even a relationship, for the ultimate benefit of the child. This is the Everie difference.

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What is Everie?

Everie is so much more than an egg bank. We’re a dynamic team of fertility and donation experts. We’re champions of healthy relationships and pivotal family decisions. We’re the vital link between aspiring parents and donors who, together, have the potential to expand their families and their futures.

At our core, we’re committed to providing the kind of unparalleled support and connection that can make a world of difference—for every path to parenthood, for every step of the donor process, for every child down the line.