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Benefits of Being a Donor


“I wanted to provide children with the opportunity to know where they came from, and truly give the intended parents the opportunity to share or withhold whatever they wanted too.“

Jordan, Experienced Egg Donor

Jordan, Experienced Egg Donor

“Knowing where you came from is so important to me. I wanted to provide children with the opportunity to know where they came from, and truly give the intended parents the opportunity to share or withhold whatever they wanted too. I was always open to all donation arrangements, but all of my donations have been known and it is so incredibly valuable to receive those random email updates with pictures of their growing family and knowing that I helped provide that. Not in a grandiose sense, but more so that I can see their features in my daughter, and truly there is nothing cooler than seeing their little lives intertwined with mine, and I feel this can only be done through known donation.”

Tia, Experienced Egg Donor

“My last two donations were fully known to the same set of intended parents, I was able to meet the parents in person and I felt a connection that would last a lifetime. I felt nothing but gratitude for them after hearing their journey, I can’t wait to hear updates on a life that they’ve dreamt of.”

Kate, Mother Through Egg Donation

I prefer the idea of a known or a semi-known donation with a strong preference for known... And part of the reason that was important for me, is because…my mother passed away when I was very young. And there were questions that I had about my biology throughout my life to this very day that literally nobody could answer for me... It was tough to grow up with a biological parent, and yet have no sense of how their biology actually impacted me. And I didn't want that for my children. I wanted them to be able to reach out if they had a question about something, or if something changed in terms of the donor's health status, something that could be passed along genetically, so that she could call us and say, "Hey, this is what's going on."
One of the most important things we want you to understand is that being an egg donor is not merely a transactional exchange. Rather, the decision to become an egg donor means becoming a part of something larger than yourself. It means you will have a lasting impact on another person, couple, or family by helping them bring a baby into this world. 
You are choosing to give a piece of yourself to someone else, to help create a life that will enter into this world. By choosing to donate with Everie, you are building the foundation for a future where we hope every donor-conceived child knows their origin.

1. Lasting Impact


One of the greatest benefits of donating your eggs is seeing the direct positive impact your decision can have on another person.

Choosing to donate your eggs is also a choice to help others. Whether the recipient parent(s) are single or coupled, in a straight or same-sex relationship, are unable to conceive on their own, or cannot use their own eggs because of the risk of passing on genetic conditions, your donation allows someone else to grow their own family.

2. Helping Others


When you donate with Everie, you are advocating for your own voice. While we encourage mutual matching and disclosed donations, we will support your decisions and meet you where you are comfortable. Our team of experts have decades of experience supporting donors who want to stay in touch with the families they have helped build, as well as donors who select a more private path.
With Everie, your voice will be heard. Your concerns will be addressed and eased. Your decisions will be honored. And your choice to make an egg donation will be positively rewarded emotionally and financially.

3. Power of Choice


In addition to it being emotionally rewarding and becoming part of a community focused on the collective good, one of the benefits of becoming an egg donor is the monetary compensation. In fact, this might be one of the initial draws to the process when women first hear about the opportunity (and that’s ok!).  
Everie donors are driven go-getters motivated by their desires to take charge of their decisions and futures. With the help of their donation compensation, our donors have been able to pursue travel, invest in and extend their educational pursuits, and start their own entrepreneurial endeavors. 
Our new and returning donors are competitively compensated for their courageous commitment to helping others expand their families while also improving their own lives.

4. Monetary Compensation


Here are just a few benefits to making this incredible contribution